Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Which Sametime Client do you install?

which sametime client is it

Don't know about you but this probably drives people crazy.

If you need to install the Lotus Sametime Connect Client for ST 8.0.2 so it is available from your network server, you need the version checked here.

But at quick glance they look the same don't they! Except for that install/installer word. And the "install" version is some upgrade version although I am not sure, but I know it wasn't what we wanted to install.

You want the C1JZ2ML ("installer") of course.

Thought we were getting better named files from Partnerworld?


  1. It's also staggering that a chat client installer is almost the same size as that of the server it connects to.

    Not easy to say to users "yeah just click on the link and install it", without adding "best go to lunch while it does".

  2. Now now it's not that large.
    The download from IBM is because they package MAC, Linux and Windows, plus upgrade sites in one download.
    Actual download is under 100MB I believe.

  3. They used to list it as Standalone and Network, but even that confused me. The old language was clearer, even though it still tripped me up.

  4. This has been bugging me for some time now. In R7 we had similar issues with naming.
    Is it so hard to ask that it be part of the install again for servers?

  5. I've forwarded the potentially confusing language to the Sametime product manager. I'll see what he says :-)