Thursday, June 11, 2009

Notes Floats, Outlook sticks

One of my favorite and long time R8 benefits has been floating windows.
What! You don't use these? You didn't know this exists either I bet.

When you are in your R8 Standard(Eclipse) client and you use the right sidebar tools, they can run with you.

It helps if you use multiple monitors.

So how do you do this? Why would you do this? What conceivable benefit is this to anyone?

First How to do it.

Open your client and sidebar. Pick one to make mobile so to speak.
Locate the left drop down icon, looks like this:
Nice Left icon huh

Then from the drop down select "Open in New Window" and watch it go mobile.Nice huh? To put it back, click on the same icon but select Dock.

I love it. Blows people away in my demo's.

So why would you do this and how beneficial is something like this?

Yes, you could run your client in one view and go back and forth between the sidebar items, but if you use many widgets or many different sidebar apps, I currently have 13 in my sidebar, not including a dozen or so Widgets in the Widget folder.

Now if you had multiple monitors you could break these out on 2 screens and work more efficiently, especially your worn out AA or even your favorite administrator. You don't need to keep a browser window open everywhere or multiple times. Oh and no more memory is used, at least that I can tell in my simple test just now.

It's saves me time and isn't that what software should do?


  1. Nice indeed, but I really wish we could make them remember their window or monitor positions after a restart!

  2. Agreed! But I can understand the reason it doesn't. Maybe future versions will.