Friday, June 5, 2009

Fud Buster Friday #43 - Microsoft Cares About You

The truth is further than you can imagine.

Bill is gone from active duty and it was nice of him to put his old buddy in charge of the company but somehow throwing chairs and tantrums isn't what people expect from Microsoft. Oracle's owner perhaps.

A company that wanted to spend $44.6 BILLION on Yahoo! wants to help you and your business? Or do they want to limit your choices as they have over the last 20 or so years by forcing good companies to fail because of various means, both good and bad in the fields of:

Word Processing
Desktop Software
Network Server Software
Database Software
Spreadsheet Software
Operating Systems
Internet Browsers

I could go on, put pending legal actions may limit my list to the general known topics.

Sure they promise to give you free training, perhaps.

Outlook is free as part of Office? Right? Try again, as readers know you still must pay a CAL for each user connecting to Exchange, plus the other CALs that get added on top as well.

Microsoft provides excellent software right? That's why they admit Vista was a bad idea and you should be looking at Windows 7, right?
Because when Windows 7 ships(ETA is Dec 2009) it will be ready to go?

Oh and evidently Exchange 2007? Never mind either, proceed directly to the beta of Exchange 2010.
Because, again, when and if this comes out Dec 2009 it will be ready?

So maybe Microsoft is finally catching on that you can't have 3-5 year gaps between software updates.

Does that worry you out there? The company which says security is their number one concern continues to put out patches regularly for software exploits.

Do they really want to make your world better? Or are they running scared because Google, IBM and others have broken their piggy bank of Enterprise Agreements and maintenance fees for nothing?

What if they just can't come up with an original idea any more. Wait, they never had one, they have bought everything they sell. That was real business genius, really I am not jesting, they saw the diamond in the rough.

The problem is they rarely create something fresh and new on their own. Compared to Google.

So who cares about you? I do, and you should, but giving your money to Microsoft blindingly following them down a path of least resistance will not save you later in life.


  1. Not that sure that IBM are any better here Keith. Even their OS for the PC was bought from MS. Their current software offerings are from Lotus and that was bought by IBM as well.

    I'm not a Microsoft fan but fair's fair. :-)

  2. No question all businesses buy others to move forward, IBM is no slouch in this either.
    But they did start with some of their own products and even if they bought Lotus, some core work on various products came from internal people. Connections is made up of many pieces from internals.
    Maybe not 100% but quite a bit of it.