Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dear IBM

As Yom Kippur starts for me here in Israel in 2 hours I want to publicly ask IBM, well everyone who reads this blog and knows me in one way or another, for forgiveness for all the things I may have said, or did, during the last year that just made you want to nsd -kill me.

A few things come to mind:
  • Calling in a PMR as a Severity 1 when it probably was a 2.(I only did that once last year...I think)
  • Screaming at the Fix central site for numerous reasons I will not mention but if I can ask one question, why can't I just enter my customer number to get a file? hmm?
  • To all the Product Managers I have loved and lost and found, thanks for always answering the questions, no matter how difficult, even if it was to say it will be in a future release. 
  • Whomever manages the certifications and virtual badges I only have 1 question, why doesn't it come in Yellow any more? Otherwise I know it is not your fault, you are just following orders.
  • The QA teams. You must exist, I hope you exist, but sometimes I have my doubts. I apologize for the voodoo dolls.
  • The naming committee members, oy, I am looking at a small quota on my mail file for those thoughts aren't I?
  • PartnerWorld, I apologize for screaming at the most recent changes and it will not happen again...until next year's redesign if you remove my saved links again.
  • Watson Workspace team for not creating a 32bit client and driving me crazy trying to get it to work, sorry about all the IMs.
  • The NWTL team because I kept losing my links and having the patience to answer me 5 times where to upload the files. Sorry did not get to do it again this term.
  • The content management teams that asked for guest blog posts, I find it very hard to write for a non customer facing product so I apologize for anthropomorphisizing Websphere. But #DominoRocks via IBM Notes.
  • HCL I am really sorry I could not use my Golden Ticket. #Domino2025 will be here soon and I look forward to what you bring us.

I'd also like to apologize for the number of times a year I say, Quickr would work so well for this project.