Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Will I See You at Engage for my Session?

For the 3rd time in 3 years I will be presenting at the great Engage conference.

Together with 400 attendees, I will be one of the 38 HCL Masters speaking at the event.

This time I am extending even more Domino Administration fun culled from real life every day client headaches surprises by incorporating some LotusScript code and other bits of development to make your daily admin lives better, faster, easier so you can get to the free beer at Engage quicker.

Tuesday, March 3 13:30 - 14:30 Room G: Knoefzaal
Ad09. Domino Administration Wizardry - Dark Arts Class

Bring your wands(laptops) and let's create some magic (scripts, code) so you can go home a 1st class Wizard. 

ALL code discussed, and shown, will be made available in the slides so even if you are a nascent developer like me, you can do this too, no prior coding knowledge is required, but you will need the Designer Client for some items.

Go signup and attend this annual conference that leaves you wanting more every time. 
If you want need to graduate and need me to issue O.W.L Domino Certificates, let me know in the comments or via social media and I will see what Hermione can conjure up for you so you can prove your completed the course.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

One HCL Master's Plans for 2020

I was not kidding when I said I was surprised to be named an HCL Master.
I am very honored to be part of the 1st full class of Masters.

For me, it was a slow/low year especially the last quarter due to losing my grandfather and having to back out of Soccnx/Let'sConnect Munich at the last minute. I know, I say this every year, but I wonder, with 100s of people out there being nominated, was I really deserving? Why were the others  not more deserving? Surely some of them deserved it too. If you were nominated and did not make it, I am happy to try to help you get it next year. Once, we were all in your shoes but we all took that giant leap.

Without knowing the judging committee, I can presume some brand awareness for me for all these years, and maybe I was #101, but like the old joke, what do you call a person that finishes last of his class? A graduate, maybe that was me this time, #101.

So, for 2020, I am doing something substantive, so at least I can feel like I am repaying HCL's belief in me, from my past, to help the future. This plan involves quite an effort upfront, but I think, if others joined me in doing it as well, we could gather some serious awareness back to the products we love, even the one they refuse to mention as if it was Voldemort reborn.

Remember when we used to blog every day? Yeah, me too. But we float in and out of various social worlds, crowds, friends and time is accelerating as we get older.

With this in mind, I am in the process of setting myself up to be able to push out a new tip, hint, idea, download or benefit for users, admins, and if it is possible in such small textual epistles, devs.

Every day of the week.

Every day of this year, all 366 days of it.

Yeah, I may be off my rocker a bit, but this was one of the ideas I pushed to Richard, Andrew and a few others, and figured I should see what I can do with it.

Each day of the week has their own topic as shown below, posting times will vary so I can gauge interest and traction plus different social media places require different formats so I will start with Twitter and then Linkedin, from there will see which way to go:

  • Monday - Domino
  • Tuesday - Sametime
  • Wednesday - Clients
  • Thursday - Traveler
  • Friday - Fonts (UI/UX but that doesn't start with an F), Folders and Files tips
  • Saturday - Weekend tips for admins and users
  • Sunday - Fun stuff day. Why post on Sundays? Because in the Pacific Rim it is a work day already, as it is in Israel where I reside these last 5 years. 
I admit to not being a Connections guru so I will let someone else provide those tips.

Verse, Nomad, Volt, the unnamed N client and some other item may pop up at one time or another.

Business Partners that want to sponsor posts or have some interest in a similar series for your own products, let's talk, after all 366 days is a lot of things to post, and I can't talk about Engage or Let's Connect every day. (User Group events I am happy to post for anyone that reminds me about them)

Most tips will be obvious to my fellow HCL Masters, but to all of the new and old admins/users/devs  out there, hopefully you will pick up something new that spur you to think out of the box about how to help your users and company. Then again, I have a treasure trove of history .ntf's, graphics and other things to let people download because how else do we give back to the next group behind us?

Of course I will also blog erratically when the muse visits me.

To the haters, deserters, friends that wonder why I bother, what can I say, hire me, and show me something better to champion. If I do this for free, imagine what I can do for your brands with a budget. My list I gave Richard had 30 other ideas.

My hashtag for these is #HCLMasterTips and like my FudBuster Friday posts a few years back, feel free to hit me with any ideas or things to cover and I will give credit to you for it.

Happy New Year Everyone