Monday, June 1, 2009

Quickr 8.2 REQUIRES Lotus Domino 8.5

Just in case you never read anything or wait until you get to work on it.
Wanted to make this clear for everyone.

Those of you who stopped paying maintenance before 8.5, not sure what to tell you. An interesting predicament you and IBM find yourselves.

Technote with all the details is #7015852 found here.

Some highlights:

Windows 2008, 32 bit only
Windows 2003(and R2), 32 bit only

Domino 8.5, 32 bit only
LDAP from R7 and R8 Domino servers, among other 3rd party ones
Active Directory 2003

Sametime 7.5.1, 8.0.1, 8.0.2


  1. Afaik if you install Quickr on a dedicated machine it does not matter if your Domino infrastructure is under maintenance or not.

  2. I hope this is a mistake. This is an absolutely ridiculous requirement.

  3. Henning,
    You are correct. However I have some question, posting in next blog post about this too.

    Patpicos, Not ridiculous, in order to make use of DAOS, among other advancements, it makes sense.

    Just wondered myself about it all.

  4. DAOS is only a nice to have, you enable it when you go to 8.5. It is optional.

    They should have called it QuickR 8.5 instead!

    Its becoming harder and harder to line up much for trying to have 1 partitioned LPAR. It is now impossible to run many domino products on 1 physical box

    Domdoc requires 7
    Quickr 8.2 requires 8.5
    Sametime doesnt support 8.5
    etc etc

  5. Hmmm, interesting, so how do I upgrade my Quickr 8.1, running on Domino 8.2? If Quickr 8.2 requires Domino 8.5, do I upgrade Domino to 8.5 first, leaving me with an unsupported configuration of Quickr 8.1, or, do I upgrade Quickr to 8.2, and then not have it run? I hope someone at IBM posts something about this situation.

    Chicken or Egg?

  6. Joseph,
    There is a infobase on how to upgrade to 8.2.
    In general you update Domino then Quickr.

    See the infobase here

  7. Patpicos, I was using DAOS as a reason for the requirement for 8.5, I am sure there is more under the cover about it but an obvious visible reason is DAOS.

  8. In relation to what Henning Heinz said...

    The underlying Domino server that Quickr runs on does not need to be part of your Domino Domain.

    I use a different domain where there are older environments, and point LDAP to the older environment for the user base, that way there is no template leakage into the internal domain and they can have newer features elsewhere.

    Sametime and Quickr work OK like this, especially useful for Sametime with the Domino 8 UpdateSite feature. To make life easier, the servers generally have the same Certs, or not if they so wish. No need for NRPC (Rep & Mail), because it is using LDAP for users, and mail can use SMTP. The server just knows about itself and just has one user... the Admin.

    Only hassle with this type of set up is MSSO across the different Domino Domains. When you create the MSSO documents, it needs to find the servers and admins Public Keys to encrypt the MSSO doc with... will require some copy & paste depending on how you set it up.

  9. Has anyone actually tried running Quickr 8.2 on Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition, and also on a 64-bit Windows 2008 Server? It would seem that Domino 8.5 32-bit and Quickr 8.2 32-bit would just install in the 32-bit Program Directory and still work, as do many other 32-bit applications on a 64-bit Server OS. Any thoughts or actual experience?

  10. I haven't, but my guess is DOmino 32 bit with Quickr 32 may be fine, but you can look for other information on it.
    But officially, which means my clients, must use what works. My demo servers we try various things anyway, just don't have a 64 bit OS right now.