Monday, June 15, 2009

DAMO - Drop Anything Microsoft Owns

DAMO was laid to rest the other day and I just didn't have the heart to admit it.
You see DAMO helped me save numerous clients and ease some customers headaches.

The official announcement came out May 31st and is here.

It will continue to be integrated with Lotus Foundations and run with the current 8.5 Lotus Domino server but don't expect any new versions of it in the future.

Now we must move forward and expand our horizons and try new angles, new directions of thought without this crutch.

Is it really so important to try to convert Microsoft shops to Domino? What if the Domino shops do the converting for us instead?

When was the last time you saw an insurance company or bank or some other industry convention get up and say they use Domino to grow their business.

It's just not happenning enough. Maybe this is what is the next step in an ongoing battle for public domain eyes and ears. The customer sessions at Lotusphere should be the LCTY but to Industry events more in the future.


  1. Lotus is dying. Fast. But not fast enough for most poor users stuck with it at work.

    Check Gartner stats on market share loss to Exchange.

  2. I finally said enough was enough.. I'm not using DAMO to convert from Exchange to Domino - I'm going the other direction. My organization is a dyed-in-the-wool Domino / Notes org, and it's sickening.. With DAMO running, I can finally walk away from what is arguably the worst email interface I've ever had the displeasure of working with.

    Found this thread when looking for any information to find out about licensing for DAMO - looks like it's a non-issue!

  3. @anonymous, DAMO serves a purpose, but if you refuse to take advantage of all that the Lotus infrastructure can do for you, then go on and use Outlook.
    To be fair, the older UI prior to Lotus Notes R8 may not have been to everyone's liking but much of what went into it eventually became standards of Netscape, Outlook, Gmail, Firefox and other programs, including the iPhone so I do not share your view about the UI.