Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ghost of Sametime

As one should figure by now, today is Sametime day.

When upgrading from Lotus Sametime 2,3,7 to 8.0.2 you may experience the following:

Upgrading Domino to 802 so you can install Sametime 802 takes all the Sametime services out of the Windows services list. BUT, Domino still loads them, but one can not connect to ST of course.

EDIT: Of course Staddin was still loaded in notes.ini, I was just amused that the Windows services disappeared.

Once you have upgraded Domino to FP1, then restart it and shut it down.

Now install Sametime 802.

Bring the server back up and "POOF" Sametime Services are back running.

Strange but true stories out here in the wilds of Domino and Sametime upgrading to R8. All is well.

And don't forget to install all the Java update patches as well as the Sametime fixes.

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