Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Thanks Spamanda

Our fearless leader, cat herder, rock singer, crazy cat woman has been given a chance at even more greatness and is joining Salesforce. The "XI" forum inside there grows daily it seems.

She got to know all of us pretty well while she ventured across the world for all the LUGs and other events that we all have partaken in over the years. 

Her efforts to make our experiences as Champions memorable paid off every time. When you consider the cult of personalities that we as a group exhibit, this is not a small feat.

Always helpful when I needed her, I am sure in her new role she will be even more helpful to everyone she works with and wish her much success. 

She will now have to find another supplier of Kinder eggs.

Your presence will be missed as you leave a big microphone for the next person to fill.