Monday, June 29, 2009

LotusLive Meetings- 1st Impressions from my new team

Recently took on a sales organization to expand business.
Decided they should get immersed in Lotus products.

So I signed up for a 30 day trial(comparison of the lotus Live Offerings is here with prices) of Lotus Live(Previously Sametime Unyte) meetings which is described as

LotusLive Meetings is a full-featured web conferencing service used by companies of all sizes worldwide. With this service you will be able to quickly and easily meet online to share information, give presentations, demonstrate software and work collaboratively with people across the office or around the world.

Well it worked fine for our small group and with me on video and slides from London.
We did not use the VOIP on it so can't say how well that works.
Didn't lose the feed or drop anyone, no stuck pages or lack of refresh.
And a very simple process to register and set up the meeting.
To be honest more questions were about my presentation than the software itself, which is how I wanted it anyway.

I have one complaint.
There is a formatting issue in that the original presentation was cut off by the viewer which seems odd to me as it should accept whatever page size and make it fit to the necessary size. Well next time I know not to use the bottom row I guess.


  1. Nice post Keith. We recently hosted a Social Media summit over LotusLive and I am proud to report that throughout the 8 hour session, we peaked at 600+ attendees without any drops or performance issues.

    On that note, Google (who was also attending) also loved the fact that folks were able to chat and view the presentation at the same time.

    They loved it!

  2. The one time I was on a Lotus Live meeting (I was not the host), we could not see who was in the meeting.

    As I have not played with it, I am not sure if that was a configuration choice on the part of the person hosting it or not?

  3. Bilal, I aspire to your #'s.
    Chris, As host I had little to setup but saw everyone and was easy enough.
    And accepted my FF browser which to me was a key must have.

  4. Keith, as far as e the voip is only through the ST client and is not part of the meeting - I think it is only 1 : 1 as well

    would love to be wrong !