Monday, June 29, 2009

Lotusphere 2010 - Booked for it yet?

Yes package deals are already available, check this one out:
A UK site phone number included.

Also Robin Wills posted Virgin had some deals on, see his post.

As you know I am in the UK for the summer and still adjusting to every search I make coming up via or for that matter all UK sites first. This is annoying me to no end, but that's another post.

So evidently some enterprising travel agents in the UK think there will be big demand and starting early.

For those not in the know or wondering when Lotusphere 2010 is, the dates for the 20th anniversary of Lotus Notes(in December 09 but one would think something might be made of this fact) are:

January 17-21,2010 at everyone's favorite home away from home, the Swan and Dolphin.

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