Friday, June 12, 2009

Software Assurance and Non-Profits

This came in an email from Tech Soup today.
Sadly IBM has not put any Lotus Notes, Domino or even Symphony there.

See if you can spot the odd information and there are a few in this snippet from the email.
Plus there is a $25 or $27 handling charge for shipping it on top of this fee.
Presumably the prices below are per product ordered.
Microsoft milks money even from non-profits.

What Is Microsoft Software Assurance?

Software Assurance is a service offered by Microsoft that allows organizations – at no charge – to receive upgrades on most donated Microsoft software available through TechSoup for a period of two years. The only expense would be for shipment of discs if needed. In addition to the upgrade benefit, Software Assurance includes: access to software for home use; free, self-paced, interactive e-learning courses and trainings developed by Microsoft experts; backup software for disaster recovery; multilingual software packs, and more!
Request Software with Confidence

Now, there's no more waiting and wondering if a new version will come out and you'll have to shell out more dough to upgrade. Knowing that Software Assurance will cover Microsoft upgrades for the next two years, you can place your next request at TechSoup with confidence. For example, you'll receive Software Assurance benefits when you request donated Microsoft products such as:

* Windows XP Pro Upgrade ($8 admin fee)
* Vista Business Upgrade ($10 admin fee)
* Office Professional Plus 2007 ($20 admin fee)
* Office Professional 2003 ($20 admin fee)
* Office 2008 for Mac Standard ($16 admin fee)
* Project Professional 2007 ($40 admin fee)
* Small Business Server 2008 Premium ($62 admin fee)
* Windows Server 2008 Standard ($40 admin fee)
* Office Multi-Language Pack 2007 ($4 admin fee)
* Streets & Trips 2008 ($2 admin fee)
* ...and many more *

* Microsoft products donated through TechSoup have the phrase "Includes Software Assurance" on the specific product page for each item if it is an included benefit. Those that do not include that phrase, do not include the Software Assurance benefit.

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