Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Engaging Conversation with Writers and Notes UI

By now you have seen or heard the article from CRN that Ed blogged about.

I have been emailing with the author, Samara Lynn, as have others about the article. It is nice to see good news about Lotus Domino. What is interesting is they did not have IBM or Microsoft go in and do the work, they did it all by themselves in their lab. It was truly enlightening to see unknowing people try to install Domino and make heads or tales out of it....and truly appreciate it.

Yes they mixed up clients and server names, I commented on the article about that, but equally of interest was the lack of awareness of basic Lotus Notes aspects which have been available for some time. Like client side security.

In other words, if a benefit or tool isn't obvious in some way, most people will not go investigating for it. Hint to MBR's team.

One point which maybe should be made is the color scheme of the older Notes clients may be at fault as perhaps the yellow/brown/grey look has an older appearance. If you are using R8 do yourself a favor and change the theme in your preferences. Also go to the new and nice looking and grab this Themes for Lotus Notes.

Oh and let me know if Outlook 2010 can undock your calendar or contacts or widgets like the R8 client. Flexibility in an email client is very important to me and probably to some of your clients.

So while I and others pointed out some odd references and the article covered various topics, I felt it left more to be discussed.

Luckily they are keeping the server up and running and will be doing more reviews as well. I provided some ideas but the only one I REALLY want to see come out properly is what it costs someone in Microsoft products and money to equal 1 Domino server running Sametime on it as well.

Hardware costs alone would defeat Microsoft but who thinks about hardware, maintenance and licensing are like death and taxes.

In case you need a reminder of how much and which pieces, I should update it a bit since Groove is renamed and some items have shifted during packaging, I had listed some of it in this post. Yes I know you don't require all of them but trying to compare Apples to Apples.

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