Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My VOIP is back up

I had put out an SOS about my VOIP phone before coming to London.
The Inter-Tel(now part of Mitel and also discontinued/EOL) Model # 770.4500 is fine.The power pack for it, model # WND-2405-A however is only rated at 110v.

So what did I do since looking for a dual power supply was non-existent and a UK or European model doesn't exist? I did the next best thing.

I went to Radio Shack(Tandy in some parts still) and got this 85-Watt Foreign Travel AC Converter power converter.

One problem, it presumes I am going to be in Europe, not UK. So pick up another adapter, this time a EU to UK one and plug it in and it looks like this.

wires, wires everywhere with one even in yellow

Note the foreground has an extension then the 3 plugs.
VOIP in left corner, router next to it, and on the floor a few meters of phone cables so I can string it properly.

Almost open for business again in the UK. Good thing too, as quite a few clients have suddenly woken up and are awaiting my help. Funny how they always want you when you aren't around :-)

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