Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Microsoft steals the Lotus Background for Outlook 2010?

Seems to me that this looks very familiar if you have seen Lotus Notes R8. tell me what you think?

IBM splash Screen for Lotus Notes R8

And they chose Yellow too! From ZDnet posting

Outlook 2010 Microsoft Copies Lotus, Again

Close enough to me to wonder if this means anything at all.

Look at the second picture on their site which shows the client and tell me who is playing catch up?


  1. "bright, energetic and citrus in colour" - It really is about the marketing...

  2. Oh come on Keith. Why not post about all the great Lotus product suite features instead of pounding on MS all the time. It gets old.... :-)

  3. Doesn't everyone like Candy Corn? What's wrong with orange, yellow and white?
    Bright yes, but definitely swiped from the same stock graphics.

    For Bruce I will post some new information when I get a chance.

  4. um, small detail, but very disconcerting to have the OK and Cancel buttons reversed. Don't we have standards for these things???
    but, per usual, when Outlook 2010 comes out everyone will be saying how cool the swoosh is like they invented it.

  5. Chris,
    Microsoft didn't invent the Nike Swoosh? HAHAHA

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