Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need a Lotus Business Partner? Find them now!

IBM has come out with the new Lotus Live website and it has something I and others have been asking for since, well... a long time.

For those that do not know what Lotus Live is, here is a brief IBM explanation:

With LotusLive, you can host online meetings, share files, chat, manage projects and network with potential clients, anywhere, anytime. Whether you work remotely, manage remote teams or just need one simple place to bring colleagues together, LotusLive allows you to collaborate beyond firewalls, in a securely-designed environment.

If you look at the right middle sidebar of the screen you will see a "Work with Business Partners" box and a link which says "Find a Business Partner".

Thank you to whomever inside IBM that has allowed customers to locate their nearest BP from a main page.

One must click on Search for a Business Partner and finally Find a Business Partner.

Enter a zip code or country and instant information. I see our address is out of date.

This is a nice touch from IBM, just wish it would show what specialty groups, in our case Lotus, would be nice to see next to our name. But it's a start.

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