Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hope She Takes the Bat

Caveat to any non-Lotus readers, sorry but sometimes my world of Lotus/IBM needs dedicated posts.

Susan and Steve
Those in the know, of course, get the title of this post reference, and by now should all know that one of the greatest people from the support side of IBM is shutting down her laptop for the last time with her IBM login.

You can read her last blog post on it, here. Go ahead, this can wait the few minutes.

She finished her documentation, closed all her tickets, completed all her training of Watson and her army of replacements.

And it would need to be a big army to cover everything she touched over her career.

She is pretty good at remembering all of it, which is great for people like me who have slowly been forgetting more things than I care to admit from the Yellowverse. Ancient history to some, just another day in support to her.

I tried to find old emails to date when I first worked with her but my archives were not accessible, but it was back in the Calendar and Scheduling days when no one wanted that barrel of monkeys.

I nominated her as an IBM Champion for this year, even though the rules say IBMers are not allowed, because all of her efforts on all of our behalf this and every year. She came and spoke at our events, many times unofficially, and since she was on half time at work, I nominated her solely based on the time she spent with us unofficially.

Hopefully you will all join me in nominating her for next year.

Raise a glass, a bat, your favorite marketing stuffed animal or just send her a thank you via Twitter.

All of your support efforts will now become that much harder, longer and slower without her inside of IBM for us all to rely upon.

Thank you Susan for everything.