Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LS08: Updates, take 2

Let's try again to post this.

Project Liberate:
The other day I discussed this and now IBM is pushing it out a little more.
Antony Satyadas added this to his Microsoft FUD site which is a good starting point for some people in the competitive arena.

Had some great conversations with Ed and Alan about this and while I am still ont he fence, they said the Business Partner (BP) community has been asking for it. So if it fails, who is to blame? Highly unlikely it will fail, IBM just dished out some major money for the company and usually gets their money worth. I await a demo box and look forward to what this may bring us.

Wish I had the same excitement or interest. As a BP, this will not work for my firm. We do NOT do application development or create tools or any other applications. we just build Lotus/IBM infrastructures that work, and work well. Now what if we, as a BP, want to leverage this IBM hosting and offer products to our clients? Alan suggested to think of this as a menu, not an application. So if I want CRM like functions, great, but what if I really want to host Quickr sites? Is this going to be a reasonable price structue to accomodate the upsell on our part? Maybe not.
But as was said yesterday a few times, not everything IBM does is for it's partners.

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