Monday, January 28, 2008

Try, Try, Try to Understand

Really, put yourself in someone else's shoes/mind/laptop.
What do you see/hear or know?
Sometimes nothing, you just don't "get" the problem.
It's not unusual, one can't expect to see everything from all angles.
But what if you covered all angles and still don't get it?

So in essence, when someone says they love their Microsoft Sharepoint Server I really do wonder, what do they love? SOme questions I have for you:

Is it the ease which it is installed?
Simplicity of the UI?
It's limitations on the size of files and/or folders(which even Microsoft admits)?
Perhaps the integration to their network?
Could it be the availability to save/move or access the Sharepoint site from their IM client like one can do for Lotus Quickr via Sametime?
Maybe the admins enjoy keeping not one but 2 versions of Sharpeoint running since the 2007 version did not migrate data from the ealrier version?

Does your CFO know you have it and pay for it probably anywhere from 2-4 times, at least, in your Software Assurance and various Microsoft agreements?

It's that last point that may surprise you. I look forward to future discussions about this issue.

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