Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ls08: Oh the Bloggers you'll meet!

Where to begin, so many people, and we all are in this together.

But until you put a face/voice/body to the person, well how do you know they even exist?

What if Alan and Ed really are the same person?
Will the Schwartz be with you?
When would Paul Mooney stop repeating, go enter it in
Who would answer if the gutter will return sometime to a Notes client if not Mary Beth Raven?
Coding faster or better than Julian?
How about Podcasts being IBM coverups if Bruce didn't materialize.
Or if Declan Lynch of Blogsphere, is the real Declan Lynch?
Perhaps finding out Chris Byrne really worked with Bob Costas?
And Chris "I don't code, really I don't" Whissonant playing at Jamfest
Or Nathan "Lotushead" Freeman really dyed his hair yellow for the Sphere?

So really they all do exist, it's no figment of your imagination and once a year you can see many of them gather in one place for that special occasion known as Lotusphere.

My apologies to anyone I left out, I blame the bartenders at il Mulino who REALLY know how to take care of their guests.

And to all a good night, there's still 2 days left!

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