Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LS08: Liveblogging Worst Practices

Paul and Bill, with assistance from the audience, proceed to remind us all how humbling it can be to be a new developer or administrator.
I do this for your benefit because you know you need the refresher.

Or just how much companies really should invest in proper training of IT staff.
AdminP is your friend, unless you are a new or junior admin!
Why not use policies to push the group back in to the ACL for #9 case study? probably an older version.
"ECLs work man" says Bill. And he is right.
Test first, backup and check your backups always!
Remember to set limits(reasonable) for attachments.
Go to and vote for client level attachment checking.
Turn client side http header caching on to speed up website serving.

Duffbert brought out the do as we say not as we do part of it.
"That's for people that don't know what they're doing"
Moral of the story, never interrupt Alan Lepofsky keynotes by updating the server code :-)

Reload, mount them on the wall, users not Paul or Bill and wait 2 years for them to return with new stories as the guys are taking a year off, or so they claim.

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