Sunday, January 20, 2008

Business Partner Day

Registered, got my backpack, id cards, which general session to go to.
Running into many, many people, trying to get some more meetings set.
Saw Ed Brill already and he filled me in on his new management capacity, but i will let him make it public.
In a session on IBM's advertising for the next year. Some good things from IBM if you are a BP, but way too many in my opinion for a BP to be focused.
One thing I am surprised to see they are not pushing Sametime8 and its excellent mobile client, in the slides they said they are leading people to ST 7.5. Tim K. was there so hopefully he will make note of it.
Show some Lotusphere ads (people aslepp on a couch)which I never saw which is unusual as a BP, but a cool ad.
Just found out registration is higher than 2007.
Way to go everyone!
Missed posters from opening session, bummer!

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