Thursday, January 10, 2008

Training and the Lotus Evangelist

No, not for me, although going to Lotusphere is my main training of the year.
I am doing an advanced administration(R7) class next week and it amazes me how much I know, and more importantly how much I never use or forgot about.
It's about 50-50 because let's face it, mail rules really are not that practical all the time, but a Directory Catalog(Dircat, condensed directory, laptop/travel nab) is priceless in large organizations.

And so it goes for training. Sometimes you get to stuff it all into a day or 2 or 3 or in Lotusphere cases 5!

It's great training for me and the admins attending (anyone reading that needs it, just email me).
Why for me? Because at Lotusphere there is supposed to be some certificate examss on sale or free to Business Partners and the more I can remember the better off I will be, especially as I am not one for studying much.

Those attending get to work on their NAB directly, monitor their network and implement some changes and functionality which they may or may not be using to its fullest.

I hate teachers that read the manual or tell you to read it. It's much more enjoyable to interact with real data and real user issues and look at how you can work on various problems. Some exercises are included, others are how to set it up and run.

Do I have an outline to cover? Yes and no. The outline exists but I never cover it 100% because preferences change and issues arise and the point of the documentation provided (although rarely used for it) is to provide enhanced documentation and information for very specific circumstances.

I may not be the gratest teacher/trainer, but every time you do this you get better.
So evangelism gets a stretch for the training, it's a Lotus happy shop and I am there to get them excited about Lotus yet disappointed, they are not going to Orlando.

Lotusphere comes to you is going tobe big this year I thihnk.

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