Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lotusphere parties, business and where's the Poker game?

4-6 nights of nonstop parties(depending on when you are coming or going).
One night I have 3 to go to and one of them is NOT even related to Lotusphere!
I think most nights there are at least 2 that I am aware of, except Wen night, every0one wants to go to Universal, must check parking fees for those of us driving.

Last year someone sponsored a Poker tournament which I was unable to attend, as I have not seen anythign about one this year, although a few of us did want to set one up, if there is one out there, someone let me know where/when.

Now partying is all very nice, and you should never do it alone, so make sure before you are sloshed or worse you spend some time on business.
Meet everyone, trade cards, beam them, synch phones or do whatever you must do but business comes first.
Ok, maybe after the 1st beer.

1 week a year to meet and find most of the Lotus companies, don't waste it on free beer and food the whole time.

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