Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lotus Evangelist BoF

I popped in to see, hear and listen to friends Greg and Duffbert in their BoF on Lotus Evangelism. Never too old to learn and never underestimate what people need I went in search of new ideas, issues from people.
They gave out an excellent cheat sheet about how to be an Evangelist(no religous training is necessary) which helps new people and even those who have been to multiple Lotusphere's.

Always remember, it's too late(well usually) to save the ship if your boss already invited microsoft in to visit.
Like vampires that supposedly have to be invited in to someone's house before they can attack, so it is with MS, once you let them in, they never leave without blood and you should start on the path of evangelising early and often.
I am sure they will post their cheat sheet somewhere, so check on http://www.lotusviralmarketing.com/.

Great meeting you both in person finally!


  1. The feeling was mutual... thanks for attending!

  2. That sounds like a great BoF! Hopefully, some more great discussion comes from it, especially on the website mentioned.

    I also hope that for those of us not fortunate enough to attend LS, someone will supply the cheat sheet. Please?