Friday, January 4, 2008

Domino.Doc Updated and not Forgotten

First, there is a session at Lotusphere, it conflicts with Ed Brill's session. Decisions, client wins over my friend this time. The information is posted in the comments of the previous post.

I received an email in reply from the IBM Offering Manager, Lotus Team Collaboration and Document, she said:

"We are working on a roadmap for Dom Doc to be presented at Lotusphere. As
you know, it is a mature product. We have many customers who are pretty
happy with it and want to be assured of its longevity. Of course there is
also interest in integration with Lotus Quickr, which also figures into our
I'm hoping that you can hang in there for a couple weeks (or until
Lotusphere) and things will be a bit clearer."

I applaud the move to Quickr but respect that some clients will not be happy with this as it trivializes Doc or possibly infringes on their security models.
Either way, Lotus is still working on it, thank heaven and we will get some answers soon.

This means the decision is a game time one(meaning Tuesday or wendsday of that week) so if you are playing Fantasy Software "Delivery Date" edition (compared to EOL Edition or Microsoft Timing edition), I would bet more on Atlas than Doc coming out before July 1, 2008.

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