Friday, January 4, 2008

Domino.Doc, the end is nigh!

So it is with much sadness we must presume the end is in sight!
Yes, after some valid attempts, IBM/Lotus is probably going to deep six, EOL the DOmino.Doc application otherwise known today as Lotus Domino Document Manager(LDDM).
While a quick read of the agenda at Lotusphere shows not 1 session devoted to it, I recall seeing some reference in a list recently, so maybe there is a "best practices for moving off .Doc" session.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Find me the PM who has responsibility for it to say what it's future is.
The forum has this to say about it, read all the posts to understand, or not, the direction. Especially Jelan's.
NOTE: Doc is not yet certified to Domino R8, nor is it fully compatible with Vista, although I use it and do not have any issues with Vista.

My clients need to know the future.

We go way back, I taught EMEA IBmers how to install and configure .Doc and I was on the early beta testing of it.
Sure it had some issues in the early days as do most 1.0 versions but in it's simplest form(maybe too simple since Quickr now does basic checkin/out) it handled files and access quite well.

The Quickr monitor as it is called is an updated desktop enabler, of course without the ODMA issues. Lotus produced "Connectors" for Quickr so it hooks into Sametime, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer(sorry firefox, not 100%) and the Quickr Monitor.

How amazing it would be to have all that as part of .Doc, but not gonna happen right now, down the road maybe, but does IBM see the value in it over other pieces of the puzzle?


  1. Sad sad sad, I just hope that LOtus does the right think and outlines a clear and thought-through migration plan to Quickr.

    The doubt and confusion has gone on too long already...

  2. I think we can expect them to announce that DDM is supported on R8 (I heard on the grapevine that they have been ratifying it).

    DDM 8.0 was held back because of reaction at last years Lotusphere was that no-one would upgrade due to lack of new features.

    I think the past 12 months have shown the Quickr people (who basically took over the "document management" role), that DDM is a complex, highly customised beast.

    I think we'll see a half way house where the DDM libraries remain, but we get to use the Quickr connectors (hoorah, Enabler sucks!) and maybe a new browser interface (much in the way they planned for Filenet).

    Given the large DDM install base, adverse reaction to porting to what is essentially Quickplace, and complexity of the customisations I think IBM will continue with DDM.

    Hey, we'll know in 2 weeks, I'll be there any look forward to seeing you in the "whats next for DDM session".

  3. There is a session at Lotusphere on the future of Domino.doc in the infrastructure track.

  4. Keith, as the other Ed points out, there is a session from Jelan in the infrastructure track on the future of Domino Doc... ID511, 3 PM Wednesday.

  5. Thanks Ed for letting me know,
    The updated info is here and although it runs at the sametime as Ed's session, which is a shame because I must go to Doc but want to go to Ed's.(Ed is your session being done 2x?)

    ID511 What's Next for IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager?
    Speakers: Tom Lechner, Jelan Heidelberg
    Dolphin S.Hemisphere I - Wednesday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

  6. I have a machine that has Vista Ent LN7 installed under c:lotus trying to get dom.doc to work can go through Doc.Manager Neighborhod and open edit and save, but if I select open inside word it locks word. I tried using the enabler but tell me can not change reg value.

  7. Lonnie,
    Could not find your email to reply.
    Would need more information to assess the issue.
    I use Vista with Windows 2007 and enabler works fine, right now in Word it doesn't lock but checkin/out is greyed out.
    For more email me kbmsg at yahoo dot com.