Thursday, January 24, 2008

LS08: Admins just say FUC it

This Blog is brough to you by the letters F-U-C but sadly no K.

On occasion I do admit to being an administrator on here and NOT a developer, when not discussing more serious business(more on this next week).

However, while training in Mississippi last week before Lotusphere I taught an acronym to the group of admins that when you have a corrupted nsf or database or just want to make sure one is okay, you have to FUC it.

I am sure somewhere in the world this has been used by some admins, if not I stake my claim and all royalties may be paid in the form of a bottle of single malt scotch(please check on our stocks so we do not duplicate, unless you have Macallan 30yr old we accept all bottles including half full ones), but I digress.

Note to Paul Mooney, you can use this for next year's tips list. We can discuss speaking slots.

I do not believe you heard this in Lotusphere this year or ever
All admins know this, if not, please read the help files or email me for an excellent chart that outlines the switch options for these.
I am not going to detail the multiple ways to run these but there are at last count at least 8 diffeerent ways to accomplish these tasks if you include web admin, server console admin, rconsole, command line, admin client, DOS I mean windows command line, notes client, designer client and more. keep in mind I am talking asbout running it on demand, not at a set time in the configuration doc or notes.ini on the server, or a policy or well yuou get the idea.

F = Fixup
U = Updall
C = Compact

There is Q for quit but we are trying to keep the server up and not restart it.

Couldn't think of a K, although there is Kill from nsd -kill(run from your Notes program file, mine looks like c:\lotus\notes8\nsd -kill) which is used to stop all Lotus processes in the event of a Windows or Java conflict or some other reason which crashes your Notes client.

For those that wonder, yes I do run Notes R8 and Domino R8 on a ......Vista laptop. I also run R2,3,4,5,6,7 on it as well. No VM either.

So to all the new admins out there, I was there once too and there are no stupid questions when it comes to managing your Lotus infrastructure.

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