Friday, January 4, 2008

Domino.Doc, the end is nigh!

So it is with much sadness we must presume the end is in sight!
Yes, after some valid attempts, IBM/Lotus is probably going to deep six, EOL the DOmino.Doc application otherwise known today as Lotus Domino Document Manager(LDDM).
While a quick read of the agenda at Lotusphere shows not 1 session devoted to it, I recall seeing some reference in a list recently, so maybe there is a "best practices for moving off .Doc" session.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Find me the PM who has responsibility for it to say what it's future is.
The forum has this to say about it, read all the posts to understand, or not, the direction. Especially Jelan's.
NOTE: Doc is not yet certified to Domino R8, nor is it fully compatible with Vista, although I use it and do not have any issues with Vista.

My clients need to know the future.

We go way back, I taught EMEA IBmers how to install and configure .Doc and I was on the early beta testing of it.
Sure it had some issues in the early days as do most 1.0 versions but in it's simplest form(maybe too simple since Quickr now does basic checkin/out) it handled files and access quite well.

The Quickr monitor as it is called is an updated desktop enabler, of course without the ODMA issues. Lotus produced "Connectors" for Quickr so it hooks into Sametime, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer(sorry firefox, not 100%) and the Quickr Monitor.

How amazing it would be to have all that as part of .Doc, but not gonna happen right now, down the road maybe, but does IBM see the value in it over other pieces of the puzzle?