Thursday, May 28, 2009

SNTT - Nice Designer Popup I Found

How nice of you to ask

Found this while editing my PNAB. Designer 8.5, maybe earlier ones asked too, but this is the first time I recall seeing the message.

I was editing views to sort by country, state, city for my upcoming UK workation. I also found my PNAB is really not in good order, must update it better.

And the message above is what I found when I pasted a copy of one view.

Choosing no marks the database so replace design doesn't wipe out your personal views.

Another great item in R8 that is one of the little things but it means so much.

Making one user life easier at a time.


  1. This has been around forever Keith. See this. Note the versions this relates to.

  2. Chris, While this may be the case, I do not recall seeing it popup in the past when doing this task.
    Oh well, you can all have a laugh at my expense then.

  3. Agree with Chris, has been popping up forever when you hit paste. You mustn't have been paying attention in class Keith ;-)

  4. Like I said, I, who rarely opens Designer, found this.
    If you can't laugh about things like this, what can you?

  5. Ha, Ha. I can laugh at things like this.