Monday, May 4, 2009

Research in Motion, and they really are too!

Gregg Eldred posted this over the weekend and it was mildly interesting to me, on many levels.

Basically, RIM now has a public blog, Interesting because last I knew, officially, this was a no-no(and possibly in some cases why you as a blogger may not have been hired by RIM).

I am very glad to see this is out there, although yet to be seen what direction it takes, the initial posts are of interest, especially if you have a Curve.
My wife will finally be happy her phone does what mine does.

Now if we can just get them to blog on Lotus specifics...

So my wife had an issue with her Curve not synching calendars properly. Anything she would write in Lotus Notes would not get synched or crash during synch.

We dealt with this a few times, but the bottom line is it came back and is not her of course.

My immediate thought was to update the desktop software which she had on her PC and oddly enough there was a release of 4.7 on April 23, 2009.


Download the 200MB+ program, which includes the Roxio(Bad Memory Usage IMHO) Media Manager.

Installed it, waited almost an hour for it to finish, watched the Ascendant/South Park Impact video, and their Lotusphere 2009 video too which includes my image of a Lotus hat at 0:58.

In any event upon restarting the PC the new desktop software now asks to upgrade my wife's Curve. It NEVER did this before. And shows that her device uses 4.3 or earlier versions and can go to 4.5. COOL!

Decided to wait on the update until daytime hours, just in case I fry her phone. Having had a horrible Friday, and I thought best to hold off on the update another day. Posting on that next.

So while waiting for the install as well, I luckily found this post, on the Blackberry support forum site details how to fix the synch failure for her phone.

There seems to be an issue with the Attendee reference in the mapping fields. While I understand why this would create a problem, in theory, none of my wife's appointments include attendees. Well, either way, it's resolved now.

So RIM is NOT dead, I still believe IBM should buy them and am thinking more and more I want 2 phones, an iPhone(once you have clients using it, it begs the necessity) and a Blackberry as my HTC8125(WMD) is just dying a slow and painful, for me, death.

Now to figure out how to use both of these with one chip and one data plan.

Keep up the good work everyone in Ft. Lauderdale and Waterloo and wherever else development gets done.


  1. Interesting because last I knew, officially, this was a no-no(and possibly in some cases why you as a blogger may not have been hired by RIM).Not sure where you get this bit of info. They hired me, and the know damn well I'm well known in the blogosphere. Of course RIM cannot stop you having a blog. Nor can they NOT hire you just because you do. Nor can they stop free speech.

    What they can (and quite rightly so) is stop you talking about private RIM matters. If it's public knowledge then it's fair game.

    But just because you blog is not a limitation.

  2. Never said they won't hire, but it may have been an issue at one time. When I have asked why no one blogs at RIM I was told, by 3 different people and group executives, that it was not allowed. This was about a year ago the last time we discussed it.
    Trust me, I would love to see RIM blog more, and use Lotus Connections as well, but one can't get everything in life.