Monday, May 4, 2009

SnTM - Fix the Brick!

My wife's Curve from the previous post an 8310 from AT&T was ceremoniously dropped on me at 11PM Sunday night.

"Fix the Brick"

Of course my warnings NOT to do this at night but wait for daytime(service hours) went unheeded.

The life of an computer person is NEVER over at home.

So like any good husband, and IT person I asked:
How do you know it is dead?
Maybe it's just mostly dead.
She said "It's blinking red lights twice in a row and nothing else, no screen, no anything."

A-ha I said, it's mostly dead. S. Morgenstern would be so excited, if he were a real person. So maybe William Goldman reads my blog. A man can dream, can't he?

I asked was the battery charged. Yes.
Did you remove the battery, chip, memory card and try again? Triple Yes.
Kiss it and throw it over her right shoulder(on to the couch) as you pray to the Gods of Waterloo? No, should I.....

So evidently the new desktop software isn't quite ready for prime time to just "Upgrade one's phone".

Quick Google finds this thread about blinking red lights.

Which takes you to this thread which discusses how to "Spoof" the device to reinstall the OS.

Hacking time!

What is really nice was being pointed to this list:
BlackBerry Operating System Downloads which basically provides links to all carriers and then to the device and OS versions.

This link is for the Desktop versions, but you probably knew that already.

Usually I work on BES issues which have similar but different routes to information.

Download the OS, follow directions, wait for the process to finish.

And Wait.
And Wait.
And Wait.

Took long enough for me to write this post!

It took the updates and was reconfiguring itself for a least a 1/2 hour. Finally it woke up and we started the reconfiguration of the device. And then resynching.

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