Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fud Buster #38 - Who has time for the MSMB anyway?

Who's with me?

It's all the rage, everyone is doing it, how about you?
Are your sales people getting it?
What have you done to work with them?
Where are they?
How do you engage nearly 50 million customers?

Right now, in this country there are nearly 50 million elementary and high school students, they are or will be tomorrow's buyers, owners and creators of products and programs you can not even imagine.

So what can we offer these Micro Small or Medium Businesses?

Why should you care?

If one iPhone app was required by all schools, imagine the revenue....annually.
So, after my posting from the other day, what have you go to offer the consumer, personal side of Lotus software...that everyone needs?

And remember, have some fun this weekend.

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