Friday, May 1, 2009

See Me..Feel Me..Touch Me..HEAR ME

Carl Tyler's blog post about an ad he saw had me thinking about something.

Where are all the Lotus Notes applications for you, me and the kid down the block on his skateboard?

Who or what Business Partner has written anything to sell to someone at home?
LotusLive and web enabled apps, The Cloud, iPhones and who or what is working on ANY app for these consumers?

If people can't see it in an ad or a commercial, why would they ask for it?

If someone can't feel connected to a device or it's software, why would they want to use it?

If you are the type of Admin that doesn't want people to do too much in your network, get out of the way. Meet the New Boss, it's not the same as the Old Boss.

If they want to run Webmail on their Wii let them, and let everyone know about it.

If no one you knew at work or on a plane or train or at a bar uses Lotus Notes, it's not because they don't want to. It's because they never hear you talk about it(or hopefully they are tired of you talking about it).

I'm the Lotus guy to many people and if I had something for them to use on their own that made their life better I'd make some good money I bet.

So listen to everyone around you and HEAR them and think about it.


  1. Who or what Business Partner has written anything to sell to someone at home?Who uses Lotus Notes at home?? A BP would only code such an app if there were demand for it, surely?

  2. Ben,
    Sometimes the answer lies within. I agree with you, but in looking at the industry and market, I wanted to think about this. Doesn't mean there is an answer exactly.
    Who needed electricity when you had candles.
    And I do use Notes at home and for school projects. My usage encourages others, but what consumer app would work? No idea, but it would not involve a Notes client at all naturally.