Friday, May 22, 2009

Fud Buster Friday #41 - Governments Can Work Together

And create a Highway to Hell.

Thanks to Marie Scott for her thoughts about some items from this week, it led me to write this post.

And to Pedrorq for agreeing with me on the subtitle.

What if you were a democrat, republican, communist, independent, labor or whatever partisan you want to be part of in your political system?

Every 2,4 or whatever number of years your government changes. Sometimes, like in the US this year in swaps the party in charge, other times the leader stays but their cabinet or staff changes.

What if this is wrong?

If you believe in collaboration and really and truly understand it, you get presented with a few dilemmas. A few like this:

1) If together we can change the world, how will that influence your business?
2) Is collaboration a form of socialism? After all if we should all share...
3) What about privacy and security in a collaborative world?

How can a government or country maintain a solid foundation while changing leadership and staff every few years, sometimes for the 180 degree opposite extreme?

Perhaps because there is so much behind the government that it doesn't matter in the short run who is in charge but the long run matters more.

Perhaps this is what also prevents governments from working together, internally and externally.

The need to strive for a future goal can sometimes sidestep the need to collaborate. It shouldn't, but it does, a sad commentary on the world in general.

Lotus Notes and Domino make it easy to share, but secure, information and extend capabilities beyond the scope of the primary organization. This is a leading reason why many government organizations use it, not necessarily for their email which in general is NOT a collaborative function, but for their processes and working methodology. It ensures the checks and balances exist to keep everyone moving forward with appropriate goals in mind.

Until your organization, or government, stops looking at themselves as THE ONE, or in a silo or binary way, your organization can not truly exceed it's potential.

So if you are on the Highway to Hell, Don't Pay the Ferryman, till he gets you to the other side.

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