Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oracle is clearly the Collaboration Leader

From a CIO magazine unified Collaboration Webcast email I just received:

The "Collaboration Convergence" taking place in today's enterprise is creating high stakes opportunities and serious risks that can profoundly transform your organization for better or worse. Learn how real businesses are using a new generation of unified collaboration solutions from Oracle to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Understand why your existing collaboration technology may be exposing you to runaway infrastructure costs, regulatory risk and organizational chaos.

Oracle Beehive, the only unified collaboration system built for the enterprise, can help you master the "Collaboration Convergence" , cut your hard dollar costs and foster the best-in-class performance your organization needs to cope with these challenging times.

Larry's ego never stops, does anyone know or use Beehive, the Oracle version? Does anyone care? Maybe the SUN customers? And you thought Connections was quiet.


  1. Sadly, as an Oracle Enterprise account we are about to have this thing rammed down our throats. They will probably succeed in getting at least a few clueless CIOs to adopt it.

  2. Sorry to hear about it, no one ever wants anything forced upon them.
    But if your company is an oracle friendly place it make sense they would go after it as well.