Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quickr for Domino 64 and Windows 64....MIA

And I do not mean it is hanging out at Terminal 2 in Miami International Airport.

According to the Lotus Quickr 8.1 Technote 64 bit is not an approved version. A discussion ensued as to IF it will install at all. Based on our tests, not in our environment.

Our offices and some of our clients are asking about Quickr on 64 bit Domino running on Windows 64 bit.

All new machines are running 64 bit Windows 2008, usually.

Naturally one wants to put on Domino 64 but if you are or will be doing Lotus Quickr installs you are best to install Domino 32 bit on the Windows 64 bit server.

Maybe a VM is the answer, if hardware is not in your budget or you already started your project and ran into a problem, as one client found last week.

There was a posting about how to use the Lotus Quickr Connectors on a 64 bit OS and here is the forum link if you need it.

And a Technote of an FAQ on 64 bit Domino

My findings have led me to discuss this with the IBM product management for consideration in the future. If this is important to you, post here so we can bring it back to them.

Marc Pagnier PM for Quickr had this to say:
yes, it is always a question of priorities. We tried to support 64-bit in 8.2 but this would have taken some work, non negligeable, and we had so many other critical items on the list. Not all Domino apps will be 64 bit right away. Quickr should run on its own Domino server (part of the package)

Stuart Mcintyre assisted with some of the details on this post. Cheers, Stuart.

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