Thursday, April 30, 2009

SNTT - Lotus Notes Traveler fix for previous post

After posting about iNotes mail redirection, I realized I neglected to help you move Lotus Notes Traveler so it was still accessible for everyone and in a way that is memorable.

So here is what you do.

1)Open your names.nsf.
2) Go to Configuration-Web-Internet Sites.
3)Locate the Web Site: IBM Lotus Notes Traveler Web(or whatever your website is listed as).
4)Open it up, select from the menu of that window, Web Site-Create Rule.
5)Provide a Description name, traveler is fine.
6)Type of Rule is Redirection.
7)Incoming URL pattern is /traveler.
8)Redirect to this URL: /traveler/index.html.
9)Save it.
10) tell HTTP restart from the server console.


  1. Dear Lotus Evangelist,

    I need your help with configuring the public access of my Inote environemnt. I am not able to configure the web access in such way that the URL stays static for the users and they are automatically redirected to there mail files. I am trying to use the redirect.nsf db but it keeps apending the actual server name in the URL which means I have to expose all my mails servers to the internet.
    I need your desperate help.

  2. MKS, I don't have any details on you to reply so best to use one of the contact details from the main page of the blog, email, skype or IM are good.
    You probably just need to change the mail redirector setting to dynamic.

  3. Dear Lotus Evangelist,

    Do you have a Google Talk account, if yes please let me know as everything else at my work location is blocked.


  4. I do try kbrooks at ltech dot com its from a client site as I usually do not use gtalk.

  5. is that your email address? Should I be talking to you over that.

  6. no that is NOT my email address you asked for a gtalk account.
    my email is on top of the mail page of the blog.