Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Post about sales and the NFL

This article probably rarely if ever would get brought up in Europe.

The New York Jets American Football team have appealed to the league office to change a game(s) starting time, or even the location/date so their fans can attend and not get stuck 2 weeks in a row without attending a game. Or from a business angle, the stadium may lose 2 weeks of dearly needed revenue.


Rosh Hashana falls on the 1st game and the night of the 2nd starts Yom Kippur.

This is interesting to me on many levels of business, aside from personal reasons. But I am a Miami Dolphin and have to record the games anyway sometimes.

Sales and marketing get hurt. With 2 games out of 8 at home this "could" impact ticket sales at a time which already sees high prices and shortage of money, in some areas.

Business must think more broadly in terms of scheduling events or conferences to not alienate part or even a majority of their potential attendees. Although there is always someone, somewhere that may get offended, check your calendar, digital and in print. Note: Google and Yahoo calendars do not by default show holidays. For that matter neither does Lotus or Microsoft, go set them up and never use technology as an excuse again.

Oddly enough I wondered if there will be an ad campaign aimed at the jewish fans which could be interesting on many levels as well. In an age of individualism or customizations, can a niche market get any traction for something like this and if so, how many other niche markets can they try to target?
Anyone from the jets want to get a hold of me I have some ideas for you.

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