Friday, April 3, 2009

Lotus Quickr, The Outside World and You

More than half of the installations we do for Lotus Quickr are for companies that want and need to work with outside vendors or customers. Do you or your clients fit these molds? Step outside of your network and see the world outside and expand your horizons, embrace the Extranet.

Sometimes this is on a project basis, like our retail firm that specializes in enhancing sales.

In one case it's so a Fortune 50 company can provide even more attention to their suppliers and customers in a real time way, using Lotus Sametime integrated with it in an industry where time is of the essence.

Or an auto company that uses it internally but provides limited secure access to it's suppliers to ensure all parts and designs are always available and correctly designed.

Maybe a law firm that wants to stop the sending of large files, packets by courier and other expenses to find a better way to provide even more return to their clients.

Pharmaceutical firms that need to track their patents, testing and other items around the world using blind tests and results in an updated dashboard daily.

Can you do these with Sharepoint? Perhaps some of the simpler side. And with enough development maybe most of the rest. But it will cost you 10X what it will cost doing it in Domino. Plus your replication of the data for offline usage when traveling is just an added benefit, built in of course because Lotus Domino is behind it all. And you don't need an extra server just to enable email for all of the workflow, like you would under the Microsoft way.

So when you think about Lotus Quickr, what are you doing to expand your companies usage?

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