Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The mystery is solved.

When I had posted about this no one replied with any ideas what it was talking about.

While downloading a copy of the ST gateway to test for a project I found this:

IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway Server Windows, IBM i Multilingual (CZ0KPML)
Size 333mb
Date posted 20-Feb-2009

So another mystery solved, but now to start the process of downloading all the parts and pieces to get the Gateway up and running.


  1. Hey, just a note on this.. I called Lotus support a couple of days ago for an issue upgrading to ST GW and it was recommended to me to upgrade to instead as this is actually a newer release and contains more fixes!

  2. @scott how odd but then why keep it available as 802? Isn't 8011 going backward even from 802?

  3. You would think so right? :) But apparently includes more important fixes than whatever gave you. The tech did say that another fix pack will be coming out for 8.0.2 that will include all of the above.

  4. 802 provide support for IP v6 , however 8011 provide fixes for bugs founds after the release.
    If you need IPv6 you must have 802 as 801 will not work ..

  5. Thanks Anon for clearing that up. So I have to dump what we downloaded and get 8011 I guess.

  6. Vinny (Support Manger @ IBM)April 23, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Hey Guys, while it is technically true that 8.0.1 CF1 contains additional fixes that were discovered even after 8.0.2 was released, I would still recommend going to the latest version for a couple of reasons: 1) it contains a fix to the install process that will save you much time down the road 2) it provides a platform to apply a fixpack that is planned for 8.0.2. This planned fixpack (no confirmed ETA yet, but hope within the next 2 months) will include the fixes that were provided in 8.0.1 CF1 as well as additional fixes discovered after CF1 was released. That said, I would strongly recommend sticking with the latest release.

  7. @Vinny thanks for the input on this one. Glad someone from the inside can set us straight.