Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where's that confounded Bridge?

Yes, Robert Plant was always having fun at the listener's expense.
If you are too young to know what I am talking about, listen to "The Crunge" from the Led Zeppelin album, The Houses of the Holy. One explanation is here.

It's a quarter later, well about 90 days since Lotusphere and you can see the natives are restless.

Where is this or that? My customer won't go to R8 until 8.5.1 is out, or no Quickr upgrades they are waiting for Quickr 8.2. It never ends does it? Relax, you just need a refresher.

For those lucky enough to attend The View's Admin and Dev conference 2 weeks ago, you got your batteries recharged. For those that didn't go, how do you refresh?

Can't wait for the LCTY? Maybe it came too early for you? Is there a happy middle ground?

If you as a Business Partner, Consultant or employed Lotus professional feel any angst, imagine how your customers, clients and fellow employees feel right now.

Your influence is for better or worse. Choose the super powers of good, not evil.

Have some fun in your day. I know, you are saying I am crazy or you have fun already. Well if you do, great! If not, what thing did you do for fun today? Did you play your Wii/Xbox? Did you play guitar, drums? Did you go to an arcade or someplace with a video game or pinball machine and take your frustrations out on it?

Did you take a baseball bat and Sledge-O-Matic, a watermelon? Maybe you blocked all emails to/from your HR director? Changed a few employees passwords without telling them?(careful you can get fired for this type of fun)

Take some time to relax and have fun, sure we all love what we do, but forget about it for a little while, drop the phone/pc.

Our customers are constantly being reminded by us to use their software, plan for changes, upgrade to something new, play with mobile Sametime, think about Symphony and other ideas and applications. It is fun, and can be fun, and if IBM gets in on the fun at some point, all the better.

Maybe IBM will be bringing out a Wii/Xbox game based on how an I series (AS/400) saves Manhattan. Or better yet, a commercial or story book how a Mainframe(Z series) works in a way even a 6 year old can appreciate it, want it and love it. T. Rex indeed! IBM has a sense of humor and maybe it will surprise us this year.

Now about that Bridge.

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