Monday, April 6, 2009

All Hands Request_Not $, just your Mind

Really, I love you for your minds :-)

I of the non-developer mind, volunteered to work on a project for my kids school.

Simple enough project, now if we can monetize it(advertising money for the school, even better).

I want to provide all the parents with a digital copy of the directory for each class which would include the student name, parents names and phone numbers and emails if provided. My thoughts were I am never where the paper list is and the school doesn't(today) provide an online list.

Simple enough, BUT what is the best route to get it to synch to each parents phone? iPhone, Blackberry(all versions), Windows Mobile, Palms, Nokias, Blackjacks and other and other not as smart phones.

Playing with ideas around an SMS request to a bot to send the info, but need to figure out how to get it merged into the contacts/address books. ideally a widget would be best as all phones, except the low end ones could use a widget to copy the info over.

So any thoughts or help is appreciated, and you will be credited as well for it.

The time frame is for September so no rush, we have a server for the project being donated by a local Lotus BP, thanks to Howard and TLCC.

Naturally would prefer a Lotus solution or BES, but open to what will work easiest.

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