Thursday, April 23, 2009

JAVA, get your JAVA

While working on a problem tonight I found at least 4 different java.exe and javaw.exe and other files on a Windows server.
Domino uses 6.0 and and has JVM5 still as well.
Sametime, Notes client and other pieces too.

What should one do with them all? Can you delete all of them except the java in the proper java directory in the program files directory?

If not, how do you ensure none break the others? Better yet can't all of them just run off one version?

Some technotes on Java versions and IBM Software compatibilities in case you are wondering now:

Supported versions of Java with IBM Lotus Products

What Java is installed with Domino server on UNIX?

Error: "JVM: Correct Version Of Java Not Installed" after Domino upgrade

Is Lotus Quickr services for Lotus Domino supported with Java 6?

Any ideas?


  1. Don't mess with them, there are different versions for a reason. For example if you install Sametime, it's using one version of Java, and Domino is using another.

  2. @carl I know this much, I was trying to understand better how each product knows which version to use, presumably in their config settings.
    Just wondered about it all, guess not being a developer I don't realize how much coding goes into matching versions.