Monday, April 20, 2009

Windows 2000 evidently still very popular

While cleaning my email inbox from 2 weeks of vacation I found an event local to me which I want to go to, but it's full already.

This section is from the
Moving to the Modern OS Roadmap:

In this welcome session, we will review the event agenda and discuss some of the key challenges IT Pros face in today’s economy. We’ll discuss scenarios around Windows 2000, Windows XP, and the importance of moving to a modern OS. In addition, we will cover Windows Vista and improvements that have been made with SP2 as well as review guidance concerning Windows Vista deployments.

What can they tell these people on Windows 2000 that they haven't told them in the previous 9 years or so?


  1. They can tell them that MS support for Windows 2000 ends next year and they're basically S.O.L. after that ;-)

  2. @scott thought they already told them that :-) nine years later and Windows 2000 still represents a nice size chunk(as much as 1/3) of their business.