Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover - The Lotus Way

Slavery in Egypt or slavery to your money/PC/Phone/Twitter/Email/Internet/TV? Something's never change.

For those not familiar with Passover, go learn about it on the web.

If you are vaguely familiar you will know that there is a song at the end called Chad GadYa which is allegorical in nature and usually sung by everyone at the table who is still awake and closes the Seder, it is the grand finale.

As I will be mostly offline for much of the next 8 days, this is for everyone, Friday's posting is already done, so don't think I am online or something. I won't be. So here is my Chad Gadya...the Lotus way.

Won't bore you with all 10 stanzas, will just cut to the chase, Stanza #10 includes it all.

And came the Domino Admin that dropped the annoying users from the server, who went over quota or never archived, that had asked for Webmail and never used it, that was setup with Sametime, which integrated to Quickr which replaced Quickplace, that replaced the Team Room that your server came with for free for all these years. One Domino Server, One Domino Server.

Or for computer geeks:
And came the Mainframe, or As/400 or AIX or Linux which trashes Windows server which had killed off Novell Netware, which beat the VAX which was replaced by PCs which ran DOS that bit the MAC which ate the TRS-80 which we bought for like $3,000. One little TRS-80, one little TRS-80(or whatever your country may have had back in 1980 or so)

Started the 4 Questions but only got this line :-):

Why is this (Domino) server different from all other servers?

Chag Kasher V'Sameach to all and for my friends celebrating Easter, Happy egg hunting.

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