Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It happens again, BES Knocks off Traveler

When last we left it in my post a few months back, we had found the 4.1.6 version of BES added a cute little line that disables Traveler. Of course this presumes both run on the same server.

So it is also with MR3, the latest update which I installed in an attempt to resolve a dropping of BES from our Lotus 8.5 Domino server.

Now can anyone tell me how to update the dll for the security patch? I presume I need to copy them over, but the readme was not readable for me.

And why can't I access my server NAB in Traveler when emailing staff? My phone is on its last legs, just has to get through Lotusphere 2009, so am not worrying too much.

So onward to Lotusphere now that everyone has Blackberries buzzing and Traveler's traveling.

And yet another day delay in the website for this:
Domcubus from Mycubus, portable servers for SMB, Home or all things Lotus

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