Thursday, January 8, 2009

LND 8.5 SNTT - Basic Things NOT to Miss

Little Greeme at Lotusphere? Nah just Microsofties

Quick pieces of advice for those not yet with 8.5.

Remember Traveler is still a separate download.

DAOS is enabled in your NAB, each server has a new tab, Enable it, then set the date for expiration to whatever you need.
You will also need to enable Transaction Logging, under its tab, and set its parameters as you desire.
AND disable shared mail if you are using it under its tab.
Save and restart your server.

DCT - Domino Configuration Tuner
Very cool but you MUST update your admin client. The Admin client is now only available as a downlaod with the other 2 clients even though it's not an Eclipse product..yet.
Find it under Server - Analysis tab (not sure where the docs tell you this as even the help file doesn't!?).Once it sets you up, then you must restart your admin client. Open it up again and set up your servers and then scan and read the results. Go get depressed or exhilarated at how many issues it finds in your notes.ini ALONE.

ODS 51
Lastly but far from least, one could post this stuff forever, go to ODS 51 using compact -c or with any specific files in mind. Likewise use the parameter CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 in your Notes.ini, but your DCT will let you know if you haven't.

one thing for Notes Clients
Pulled straight from the Help file, there is a GO FASTER notes.ini setting now:-)

The Notes start-up sequence has been reordered as part of performance enhancement in this release. Notes users are now prompted to authenticate (log in using their Notes password) before the Notes workbench appears on-screen. The new NOTES.INI setting for this sequence is "ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION" which has a default setting value of 1 enabling the new mode. Disabling the setting reverts to the old (pre-8.5) start-up mode. If the ENABLE_EARLY_AUTHENTICATION setting is disabled (0), the Roaming user functionality introduced in release 8.5 is not functional and performance enhancements gained in the reordered start-up sequence are not realized.

Enjoy and post your own tidbits of joy.

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  1. "Roaming user functionality introduced in release 8.5"

    Re-introduced :-)
    I was wondering why I was getting a DOS box popping up - now I see what is says:
    roamingdata.nsf and something about feedcontent.nsf or something like that...