Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lotusphere...Sleep is for ....

Can't really say but suffice it to say in the 3 days I have been here the world has indeed shaken, changed and gone freezing.
This morning was 32, 24 with the wind chill, Universal will be VERY cold tonight.

Yesterday 2 highlights for me. One the session of the women of Lotus, more on that later. Second the Speedgeeking. My first time doing it and if you listened to me, thank you and if you didn't, well the slides will be posted next week.
Did the same presentation about 12-15 times and under the 5 minutes so I hit what I set out to accomplish. Topics included LDAP, BES, nlnotes.exe and other tidbits of useful information.

So many meetings though is inhibiting my time on the show floor and in sessions. On the bright side, our portable server is getting great interest in and outside of IBM and if you have any interest in OEM or rebranding it for your needs, please contact me ASAP.

Thanks to Paul Mooney for adding my video to his Adminblast Video, the Admin is your master!

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