Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disk Space Savings from 8.5 and how to do it

In one client which I have data from so far the reduction in disk space from doing the following was 13% on average per user with a high of 37%.
Note some users already used some of these settings, imagine if your network never used ANY of them!

load compact -c from the console to move all your files to ODS 51(on whole server or just mail directory up to you)
DAOS (but this only went into effect today, but should be interesting 30 days out)
LZ1 compression
Compress Document Data
Compress Database Design

Plus a few more could be done but we don't want to use them right now.

Want to do it in one quick process?
1) See my previous post on DAOS enablement and the DCT tuner. DCT can provide some more pros/cons to some other benefits in this area.
2) open your 8.5 lotus Admin client
3) Go to the Files Tab then your mail directory
4) CTRL-A to select all
5) Select Advanced properties from the Database tools on your Right column.
6) check off the ones to use

And don't forget to run compact -c and CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 in your notes.ini so all future files get it too!


  1. What happens if your mail clients are all 6.5?

    Is there any problem to upgrade the ODS structure and access the mailbox with the 6.5.x client?

    What features are available to 6.5.x clients using a 6.5.x mail template on a R8.5 server?

    I would love to upgrade servers now, but no chance to do the clients for a while if at all.

  2. David,
    Great questions.
    Server side doesn't affect client side. However, certain functions/options may not work or appear correctly in an older client if you upgrade all the mail templates.
    I am always in favor of updating mail templates but some people like to stay in synch. R6 obviously was not prepared for the ODS 51 change and so best to test, test, test.
    Especially things like Out of Office and calendar/scheduling items.
    Client upgrade is still difficult for many even with smartupgrade, emailing it and pushing it down via Windows or some other LAN tools.
    Also see technote #1102152 for more info: